Hay River Tack and Supplies is now accepting used saddles by appointment only.  Please email us at contact@hayrivertack.com to make an appointment.

Keep in mind before you bring your items in:

  • Please make sure your saddles(s) are clean and in good condition. Remember, the better condition your saddles(s) is/are in, the better chance you have to sell it/them.
  • Helmets, dry rotted leather/strap goods, dangerous tack and used brushes are not accepted for consignment.
  • When you bring your saddle(s) in, make sure you have to following information available:  
      1. Brand
      2. Seat Size
      3. Gullet Width
      4. Color
      5. Accessories/Additional Information
      6. Asking Price
      7. Bottom Line   



  1. Saddles may be accepted for consignment. Saddles not in good and clean condition shall not be accepted for consignment. Any items that are accepted and require cleaning will be assessed a $20/hour cleaning fee.
  2. Hay River Tack shall determine the acceptability of all items, and has the right to refuse or return any item to Consignor.
  3. Hay River Tack may accept donations of items and will either sell them to their benefit, or donate them to charity.
  4. Helmets, dry rotted leather/strap goods, dangerous tack and used brushes are not accepted for consignment.


  1. Consignments may be accepted by chance or by appointment.
  2. Consignors sending potential consignment items by mail, or other means have the option, when such items are deemed unacceptable by Hay River Tack, of having items returned to Consignor, at Consignor’s expense. Consignors, who won’t pre-pay for return freight charges, forfeit all right, title and interest in such items, which shall be disposed of in the sole discretion of Hay River Tack.
  3. Consignor shall receive a copy of the signed Consignor Contract and an Item List of all consigned items.
  4. A new Consignor Contract shall be signed each time any new item(s) is/are consigned.
  5. At the time of each consignment, Consignor shall choose a payment method of either Hay River Tack Store Credit or Check, minus applicable fees and commissions. Failure to designate a payment method on the front of this contract shall result in payment in the form of Hay River Tack Store Credit.
  6. Unless specified by Consignor, Hay River Tack shall determine pricing on all consigned items.
  7. For a consigned saddle: With guidance by Consignor, a selling price and a “negotiable to” minimum selling price shall be established at the time of consignment. Hay River Tack, in its sole discretion, shall negotiate the purchase price for consigned saddles, on behalf of Consignor, down to the specified minimum price.
  8. Unsold goods other than saddles may be picked up prior to the Contract expiration date.
  9. Saddles may be re-consigned after expiration of a Consignor Contract.
  10. All articles are consigned for a period of six months/180 days. 
  11. *Any unsold item that remains in Hay River Tack’s possession ten days after expiration of the Consignment Contract becomes the property of Hay River Tack and may be disposed of as Hay River Tack sees fit, including but not limited to donation to a charity.


Prospective purchasers may take items out for trial and may test-ride saddles.  CONSIGNOR SHALL INDEMNIFY, RELEASE, DEFEND, AND HOLDS HARMLESS FOREVER Hay River Tack, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, successors and assigns from any and all claims and liabilities, of whatsoever kind (including but not limited to attorneys’ fees), arising from or connected to the consigned goods.  Hay River Tack shall use all conventional safeguards in the handling and displaying of consigned goods but has no legal responsibility for items left on consignment.


  1. Upon sale of a consigned item, Hay River Tack Store Credit shall be issued promptly to Hay River Tack store account. A check for items sold shall be issued the month following sale, if Consignor specified payment by check. Checks will be issued if the total amount due to Consignor equals $25 or more, otherwise, lesser amounts will be held as a credit until $25 is reached. Hay River Tack Store Credit for consigned items expires fourteen (14) months after the date posted. Consignor is solely responsible to track the expiration date of Consignment Contracts and any store credit
  2. Hay River Tack will collect a 20% commission on saddles. If Customers/Buyers pay via credit card for purchases an additional 3% fee will be collected on consignment items sold.