13E Herbal Wormer

SKU: 427-1301

#13E Herbal Wormer (formerly Worm Foe) by Silver Lining Herbs – all natural herbal horse wormer.

Herbal combination for the maintenance of a healthy and naturally worm- and parasite-free system. #13 Herbal Wormer works by simply maintaining an environment which is not welcoming to parasites and worms; they are opportunistic and need an unclean environment to thrive. May be beneficial for underweight horses, parasites in manure, rough hair coat and persistent tail rubbing. Contains garlic, cascara, clove, kelp, sage, slippery elm, black walnut, chapparal and juniper. Directions for use: Give 1 scoop daily with natural diet for horses 1,000-1,200 lbs. Use for no more than 10 days per month. Safe to give to nursing mares, weanlings and young horses. Safe use in pregnant animals has not been proven. 1 Tbsp scoop enclosed. 1 lb bag.

* Maintains an environment which is not welcoming to parasites


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13E Herbal Wormer