14.5" Royal King Flash Barrel Saddle

SKU: RK3145-68-145

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Lightweight barrel saddle built on a 5 year guaranteed tree. Features Hand Carved Floral Pattern, Roughout Fenders and Jockeys, Neoprene in the Skirts, Rawhide Laced Horn and Cantle, Blevins Style Quick Change Buckles, Neoprene Padded Suede Seat, Rawhide Covered Tree Saddle


  • Bars:  Full Quarter Horse
  • Swell:  12"
  • Gullet:  7.5"
  • Horn:  3.5"
  • Cantle:  4"
  • Skirts:  25" x 25"

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14.5" Royal King Flash Barrel Saddle