16E Power Dust

SKU: 427-1601

* External use poultice mix for dressing wounds

#16E Power Dust by Silver Lining Herbs – all natural wound care.
Minimize scarring and say goodbye to proud flesh. Potentially even skip stitches for wounds that would otherwise need them! #16 Power Dust is recommended for open wounds. This poultice mix is nothing short of incredible and works on old as well as fresh wounds. Contains comfrey, capsicum, flax seed, boneset, lobelia, plantain, slippery elm, yarrow, shepherds purse and goldenseal. Directions for use: Fresh, moist wounds – sprinkle dry poultice mix directly on open wound and wrap with sterile wrap; reapply after 12 hrs and leave wound exposed to open air for 12 hrs. Continue cycle until wound is completely healed. Dry or scabbed over wounds – make poultice by mixing small amount of water to measured amount of powder and apply poultice directly to wound; wrap with sterile bandage. Follow the same 12 hrs on and 12 hrs off as above. 1 Tbsp scoop enclosed.


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16E Power Dust