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Happ-E-Mare - Stop moodiness now! Veterinary formula nutritional supplement to help maintain mare health. Developed by Dr. Frank Reilly, DVM and specially formulated for mare problems. All-natural blend to keep a mare calm and relaxed throughout her reproductive cycles, and help her get off hormones and shots. Can also be used on geldings and stallions with behavioral issues. The only multi-herbal mare product that can be used while showing and racing. Contains 9 balancing herbs, plus multiple vitamins including high dose vitamin E, along with natural minerals. Use to help calm and relax, move better with no muscle soreness, stop moodiness, get back to riding in comfort, and improve movement and quality of life. Use as a calming aid on sour-acting, “flighty” or nervous geldings in order to handle, ride, turn out and train. Can help nervous horses by reducing inflammation, helping immunity, easing stomachs and supporting muscles so they feel better. Quick-acting – see results in 14 days! Super tasty powder blend even the pickiest of horses love.

* Gets mares back to calm and relaxed faster!
* Improves mood, promotes calmness, reduces muscle soreness and decreases anxiety
* Also good for nervous/anxious geldings/stallions!
* Natural herbs, minerals and High Dose Vitamin E
* "I got my mare back! Mind and body better." Denise, MI
* Nationally advertised
* Mares love HAPP-E-MARE!

Is this your mare?
• Anxious and upset
• Stressed
• Muscles sore
• Loss of focus
• Colic-like signs
• Can’t settle down
• Difficult to ride
• Always in heat
• Irritable

Each dose contains natural herbs in a great-tasting proprietary blend of eleuthro, ashwagandha, raspberry leaf, chastetree berry, ginger, oregano, arginine, spirulina, MSM, boswellia and chia; added vitamins (2,024 IU vitamin E, 2 mg vitamin B6) and added minerals (560 mg magnesium oxide). Gluten-free. Non-GMO/Certified herbicide-free (includes glyphosate). No artificial colors. Certified melamine-, pesticide-, lead- and drug-free, and low in sugar, starch and fructan.

Directions: Regular schedule - Mix 1 scoop once daily in morning feed. First time users - Mix 1 scoop in morning feed and 1 scoop in evening feed for 14 days in a row, then switch to regular schedule. For equine use only. Not for breeding, pregnant or nursing mares. 2 month size – from biggest to smallest, all horses get one full scoop. 25 cc scoop enclosed.


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