Pyranha Pyrethrin Shampoo

SKU: 412-255

Pyrahna Pyrethrin Shampoo for horses and dogs offers fly control and cleaning power all in one! Insecticidal shampoo rich in coconut conditioners that aid in building body, luster and groomability to animal’s coat.

Controls stable, horse, deer and face flies, plus gnats and mosquitoes on horses. Also highly and rapidly effective against fleas, ticks and lice on dogs and cats.

Contains 0.5% piperonyl butoxide and 0.05% pyrethrins. Apply a generous amount and work well into coat; rinse. For horses, do not repeat for 7 days; for dogs and cats, do not repeat for 2 weeks. For best results, follow up with Pyranha Equine Spray & Wipe.

* Kills fleas, ticks and lice
* Rich in coconut conditioners for body, luster and groomability
* Great for dogs, too!
* Smaller 4 oz and 12 oz sizes are perfect for weekend trail rides, on the go, and for dog and cat owners
* Made in the USA

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Pyranha Pyrethrin Shampoo